New Adult Dating Site Rankings

Top 3 Adult Dating Sites We’ve reviewed in 2016…

1.Adult FriendFinder
39.9 Million 9.6 Still the best option available, but not specialized
40 million + 8.9 Likes: Hotness Rating, Silver Membership Only $27/mo; Dislikes: Video Chat issues during Trial
3.NoStrings Attached 1.4 Million 8.3 A little small now, but Growing at a Rate of 20,000 Members Per Week!


1. Adult – This was not a big surprise. They have had a hold on the market for years. There is a reason they are so good at what they do and we think it starts with how they market. They have never been left in the dust of innovation. has been the innovator like Apple and Adobe but in the Adult Dating arena. Even most of the other Adult Dating sites you see advertised are affiliates of Aff. They offer all kinds of linking and co-branding opportunities for webmasters to promote their site, then on top of great marketing they offer a great product. It may be a little pricey for some but if you can afford it, they are the best option.

2. – has really come about as a major playing on the Adult Dating scene over the last few years. A while back we heard members complaining of billing and user interface problems, but it seems they have cleared up those issues. They are also the cheapest Adult Dating Service we are aware of (that isn’t free). Their full subscription for silver status is $27/mo as of this writing and to upgrade to their premium service, it’s $49/mo. They seem to be gunning for the number one spot on our list but they have some work to do if is ever going to catch up to

3. – Also simply known as, they are the newcomer on this list. With only 1.4 million members, we were a little hesitant to place them so high, but after talking to some users and reading that they are increasing their user base by about 20,000 users per week, we decided they were deserving of this spot. We’ll see how will do over the coming years but so far things are looking pretty goo. They have our seal of approval.

As we do these reviews, we encourage your feedback. Please let us know what you think. Our full reviews of each site will be out shortly. Thanks, – Crew at The Adult Journal.