Will a site like Fuckbook work for me?

“Adult dating” has really become “sex dating.” There was a time when an adult dating site was R rated and made to help you find other single people looking for something less serious online. That was ten years ago (although seems like 20), and now that people are on board with the idea of social sex online, there is a renaissance in the world of adult dating. It’s gone from an R rating to XXX rating.

Fuckbook dating, fuck dating, and sex dating almost sound like oxymorons. If it’s all about sex, then is it really “dating,” per se? Probably not. That’s ok, we’l overlook the semantics for now and try to help you get laid on the great site that is fuckbook.com.

Fuckbook can work for anyone. That said it can also fail for anyone. The first step is going into it with the proper expectations. You aren’t going to meet someone ten times hotter than you and have sex tonight. Any site that offers that is offering prostitution or trying to feed you to their porn/webcam/etc site. Be smart and know what you’re getting into.

So, just what are you getting into with fuckbook.com?

Well, you’re signing up for a service that will get you in touch with horny local women. They try to sell it as the facebook of sex (except of course, there’s a fee). Once you sign up, finding success is up to you. You will get what you put into it. The fact that you are doing research beforehand is a good idea, because you’ll be competing with a lot of other guys trying to find loose women online.

How to find Fuckbook singles?

First things first, make yourself attractive. If you can update your profile to make yourself appealing, you will already be distancing yourself from your competition. Use clear photos of yourself from your best angles. Try to leave a little something to the imagination. Adult dating sites are littered with guys posting pics of their penises and expecting to get laid. It doesn’t work that way.

To learn more about setting up a good profile and using the right pics, see Adult Dating Profile.

Once you feel confident in your profile, then it’s time to start communicating. Remember this is all a numbers game so don’t be shy about communicating with as many women as you can. Expect to get a response 5 to 10 percent of the time if you’re staying on your own level. What I mean by that is if you are 6 and you are reaching out to 10’s then you might not get any responses. If you are a 7 and reaching out to other 7’s then you should get valid responses 5-10 percent of the time. If you’re getting more than that percentage then assume you’re an 8 or above and reach higher. If you’re getting less than that, assume you’re a 6 or lower. There is a “calibration process” even in adult dating. Remember I’m not including responses from fake profiles or webcam girls.

Now once you’ve gotten your feet wet, things really start to get fun. For now, though just focus on your profile and initial communications. Once you start to feel comfortable, you can read through some of the links listed below to get an even better grasp on what to say and how to actually hook up with no strings attached. Yes fuckbook will work for you, if you let it.

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