What Are Girls Looking For In A Guy’s Dating Profile?

One of my recent AFF profile pics. Notice the subtlety? Guys, use these little details to your advantage too! Be coy ;)

One of my recent AFF profile pics. Notice the subtlety? Guys, use these little details to your advantage too! Be coy 😉

Every single one of the millions of guys across the world who are thinking of trying online dating has one question: what do chicks want to see in my profile? There is a LOT of competition nowadays for the affection of that brunette cutie that is online right now! As a woman, I can tell you there are a lot of things we’re looking for in a dream man – and also lots of things that will force us to swipe left. Let me start off by telling you what we ARE NOT looking for on your profile – it will probably help you more than you think.

Ab Pics or Invitations to the “Gun Show” as a Profile Photo

Let’s face it – online dating is a bit shallower than other forms of meeting folks, but the fact is that your profile pic factors in a lot to whether or not girls will dig deeper. A picture says a thousand words, and if your profile picture is a selfie of you pulling your white tank top up to show off your abs…well, let’s just say douche bag. An attractive profile pic features the real you, with a bit of flair. Don’t use your Facebook profile from 5 years ago; instead, find a good one of you and a dog. Women cannot resist men who enjoy puppies.

Poor Grammar and Lack of Complete Sentences

So your profile pic passed the test – now it’s on to the actual meat on this magnificent man. All is well and good until you see all kinds of errors or typos within the “about me” section. It’s like, did you try at all? Not impressive. You also want to know what’s not impressive? Sending messages such as, “hey babe u cute” or “Wanna Netflix and chill?” Believe or not, refined ladies out there are looking for accomplished and intelligent men – you will not get anywhere near us when you misspell words. Take some time and effort when writing your profile – ask a friend if you aren’t sure. This is your chance to reel the girls in!

Obvious Exaggerations or Lies

“Embellishing” your profile with interests or achievements that aren’t true will only cause trouble down the road. Listing a religion that you don’t really practice because you think it will make you more attractive will only cause your dates to eventually think you’re a liar – if the dates get that far. Be honest about the real you – not the kitty-saving, hot yoga visiting, Methodist preacher you wish you were. Add a bit of confidence and humor and you’ll seem way more smooth.

Examples of Poor Decision Making

Your profile says a lot about you, even the subtlest details. Your profile picture may be on point, but what about the additional photos you may add? Pictures of drunk evenings with your bros do not impress classy ladies as it shows your “wild” side may be too much. Also, remember that women do often times seek out men who are successful financially and in life. So if your favorite beer is Coors Light and there are some photos that look suspiciously like mom’s basement around, trim the fat. And remember – if you have any sort of baggage or baby-mama drama, you DO NOT want to showcase it.

Take it from a Grown Sexy Lady…

There are a zillion ways to build an online dating presence, but if you want to have true successful, study my advice carefully. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and I know that I’d rather have a shark than a minnow.

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