My Hookup Sites Journey

From a Clown to a Traveler to Marriage

I was naïve when I got married in my early twenties. I finally got a divorce when I was 31 and went to India to “find myself”.  The “finding myself” trip did not go as well as I wanted it to and I had to go back home after almost dying from serious diarrhea (I don’t know what I ate in India). Since I did not want to date anymore I tried out a few popular hook up sites suggested by my buddies. I opened an account adultfriendfinder and had a threesome with two women I met of the site. I tried my luck again on and Tinder and got lucky a few times. The women I met on those sites were really kinky and they encouraged me to try out some hard drugs. I started gaining weight and my house looked like a dump site.  Eventually, I got a tired of hook up sites and decided to lose weight and get a hobby because my life felt kind of empty.

I realized that the marriage had wasted my time and I needed to get my life on track. So, I joined a group that was about to go backpacking in Europe. We went to Rome and saw the Sistine chapel and the art in that chapel inspired me to try painting.  When we came back home, I learned how to paint and became a clown to earn extra cash to supplement the wages I was earning working as a waiter in a restaurant. I still used hook up sites because I was really busy making money and they made it easier for me to get laid.  I met a 25 year old woman on Tinder who was into Calisthenics and owned a gymnasium just close to where I lived.

I went to see the place one weekend and she showed me around. The gymnasium did not have the normal weights in traditional gymnasiums. Instead it had straps attached to the ceiling and ropes and a few kettle balls. She taught me how to use the straps and that night we used the straps for other fun activities.  We decided to make our “fun activities”, a no string attached affair and continued meeting at the gym for around four months and then we both moved on.  I met another beautiful girl on another hook site but that did not last as long because she was visiting the country for only a few days.

After a few months, my back packing friends called me. They wanted me to help them build houses for poor people in Romania and I accepted and travelled there a few days later. The Roma people in Romania face a lot of discrimination and are often very poor. My friends had met families that were living in very deplorable conditions and decided to build them some houses. After two weeks we went to Barcelona Spain and I used some hook up sites to meet some interesting locals. One of the girls I met, let me call her Maria, was a freak in bed and I stayed an extra two days in Spain because of her. I caught up with my friends in Italy and they laughed when I told them that I used hookup sites to get sex. Some of them tried using the hook up sites I was using and did get lucky a few times. After a week we all flew back home.

I finally got a real job that came with health insurance at a Marketing firm.  I worked there for few years before I got promoted and was transferred to a bigger city with bigger responsibilities. It was in New York where I finally stopped using hook up sites because there were many social events and clubs where you could easily meet someone and get laid. I met Jessica in New York in a bar and we fell in love after meeting a few times. She was never supposed to have been in that bar that day and had only showed up to find one of her friends who had decided to get in there to dance to her favorite music that was playing in the bar. Jessica and I were meant to be together and we are getting married next summer.

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