Is Adult Dating for Me?

At some point you may ask yourself, is adult dating for me? With so many creepy people online and scams it can seem like a concerning arena to enter into. That’s part of why we started The Adult Journal. Unfortunately we won’t be able to review every single site out there to tell you if it’s safe or not because there are just too many, but we guarantee that if we say it’s safe, it’s safe.

Now, with that shameless plug out of the way, let’s get back to what you’re going through. You have to ask yourself a few questions before getting started online Adult Dating…

1. Do you have private access to your own PC?

May sound like a silly question but you would be shocked if you saw how many people are signing up and logging into X rated sites while at work. The best advice I can give is just don’t do it. Also, if you share a computer with a spouse, family member, or friend you need to be very cautious. I would say your best bet is to get your own laptop. You can pick up a pretty cheap and reliable laptop these days on craigslist. You’re taste for adult dating online is not worth the cost of losing a close relationship.

2. Will it make you feel sleezy?

If you are too insecure to put yourself out there sexually, then you may want to shy away. If you feel dirty every time you log on then you probably don’t want to sign up for a $30+ per month membership. If you’re on the fence between “Is adult dating for me?” and “Will it make me a scumbag?” then you have already answered your former question. It probably isn’t for you.

3. Can you afford it?

Generally speaking, you can get a free trial membership with most sites. Just like you may expect, if you don’t cancel that trial within a certain amount of time they will start charging you for a monthly membership. Again, that isn’t all sites, just most of the major ones. Honestly, if you can afford the monthly membership (which as of the writing of this article on 9-21-11 is between $25-$100 per month), then you probably shouldn’t sign up.

Overall, there is no one word answer for your situation. It all depends on what you want and what you expect. If you understand that there are risks of your profile being seen by people you don’t want (family, friends, boss), you will be paying a monthly fee for a decent service, and you may feel the social stigma that is associated with the industry, then you are ready to sign up. Feel good about it too because there is nothing wrong with answering the question of is adult dating for me with a yes. Enjoy

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