Hookup Date vs. Regular Date

How to know whether this is a Hookup Date or just another Regular Date

Dating is alreay hard enough but to try to understand each other’s intentions with out even knowing each other can be an impossible task. Our aim is to help you know sooner rather than later (tomorrow morning) what your date’s intentions really are. We are all about the hookup date here, but if that’s not what you’re looking for, you should know about it beforehand.

hook up date

Girls on a Hookup Date

Mini skirt and heels. She looks hot instead of beautiful or cute. This is usually a sign that she wants her night to be hot and not beautiful or cute. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an open invitation but it’s certainly a good sign if a good hookup date is what you’re looking for.

Starts talking about sex. If all she wants to talk about is what she likes in the bedroom, well guess where she wants to be. Sometimes a girl could still be teasing or playing at this point but you know what is on her mind.

She starts drinking like a fish. If she’s already met the other criteria and she is drinking like a fish (think shots instead of wine) then she’s ready to get loose. A word of caution though; If she is conservatively dressed and kind of quite, this could just be because she is nervous. Make sure you feel out the situation a bit before saying something like “let’s go back to my place.” An offended girl is one thing, but a DRUNK offended girl can be an entirely different animal.

Guys on a Hookup Date

Usually are gelled, swelled, and wearing tight clothes. They look like a player, because they ARE a player. If everything is a little too tight, he has a brown tan in New York in January, and he’s wearing a shirt that reads “Ed Hardy” or “Affliction” anywhere, you should know what you’re in for. This guy had a chance to find love at one point, but now he’s over it and looking to get ontop of you.

Wants to meet at the bar. No guy that really wants to know your dreams and aspirations is going to meet you at a place called “Lucky’s” at happy hour. This is an obvious Hook-up Date but I’m always shocked at how easily women fall for it. The idea of “just meeting for drinks” is casual enough but those drinks should be coffee or tea if you’re meeting for the first time. If that drink has the capability of making you dance naked on the bar, that should be your first clue.

Makes several remarks about his place. This one is a little more subtle. It’s a technique I’ve seen done many times and works very well for these guys. They talk about their house or their apartment a lot throughout the conversation so that at the end of the night he might give you a reason to come over. “I just this new…” and “I’m not sure it looks right in the living room” are signs that he’s luring you in. As soon as he asks you to “take a look at it”, you can bet he wants you to take a look at something else too.

Happy Hookup Dating!

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