Girl Guy Ratio on Adult Dating Sites

Why are there so many more guys than girls on sites adult dating sites, while regular dating sites have a more balanced demographic?

First, the numbers… Guys outnumber girls on adult dating sites by about 10:1 and even that may not be true according to who you ask. (AFF Wiki page) With that being said, there are women out there on hookup sites. It’s important that you actually know how to approach them and don’t just assume everyone is fake.

There are millions of people all around the world looking for some sort of romance online. The internet dating space is worth billions of dollars, as sites such as Match, eHarmony, and Ashley Madison have people spending spending big subscription fees in order for their members to find “the one” – whether it be for love and marriage or a Netflix and chill session. But when you look closely, the demographics and types of members on certain dating sites do seem be varying. Regular online dating sites typically have a more even ration of men to women than many “adult hook up sites.” Why is that?

casual encounter with her The most obvious reason why hookup sites have more guys than girls is that they tend to be a bit of a scam. When prospective clients approach adult dating sites, they often wish to simply hit it and quit it. They also wanted to be fast and easy, no pun intended. Just imagine it now: a lonely housewife can’t wait for a man’s touch and she’s right in your ZIP Code! But the old adage “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” definitely rings true in these scenarios.

  Many of the subscription-based adult dating sites are geared towards desperate men achieving no strings attached sex or perhaps a little something on the side. In order to do this, they must bring in the millions and millions of people online every day looking for the same thing. The amount of look up sites out there is mind-boggling, so a guarantee of finding a horny hottie in your area within the mere minutes definitely attracts. Often times, prospective members are given a free profile to setup. It only takes a minute, no credit card needed, and you can start searching for the girl you want right now. All of a sudden, you start receiving private messages from gorgeous girls. But the only way that you can respond back to them is to pay the price.

casual encounter  This is where things start to get a little shady; you send messages back to those lovely ladies who approached you first, though it seems for them to take an awful long time to get back to you. When you try to quote firm up” plans, no response at all. You’ve been ghosted, you’re right back where you started from – perusing the profiles of all of those horny ladies. As days go by, you reach out to a few other ladies who may not be Playboy models, but seem cute enough. You try to set up the date and one of two things will happen:  you either will get to have no strings attached sex with some smoking chick at her apartment, or you will meet the person in real life it turns out their photo did not accurately represent their current appearance. And then, there you are again – perusing the profiles. And it only costs you $40 a month!

Legitimate dating sites out there, such as a Match and OkCupid, attract a different sort of demographic. People are just interested in meeting each other, perhaps making new friends or mates in the process. There are definitely users on their looking for casual encounters, but it’s not so blatant. People trust these websites, because they’ve seen it work. Everyone knows someone is gotten married to someone they met online dating. And nine times out of 10, it was not from some hookup site. It was the real deal.


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