Get it On is fairly new in the world of adult dating, but their parent company isn’t. They are an affiliate of Adult FriendFinder like many other adult dating site on the market. This site, however is different in both good and bad ways.

Let’s start with the bad reasons to go to…

They only have 7 million members. This may seem like a lot but in comparison to the larger sites, their customer base is only 20-50% of others. This may not be a problem depending on your situation. If you are in a major metro area looking for people to hook up with that are close then it shouldn’t be a concern and could be a great alternative to other big sites. If, however, you are not in a major market then your options are slim for finding a hookup to actually get it on with but you should still be able to meet people online that you can “chat” with via webcam.

They are a little more geared towards online webcam hookups then actual in person hookups. isn’t great for that because many of their clients are looking for immediate gratification. This can be good or can be bad, again that depends on preference.

Now, the reasons Getiton is great…

If you are in a major city like Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta or New York then I strongly suggest you give them a try. Too many of the big sites in adult dating have been taken over by the same users in big cities. The fact that this site is new and catering to a younger audience can be a big advantage for you.

The other huge advantage Getiton has their search. You can search for specific details about your partners and the kinds of encounters they enjoy. Nothing is off limits and if that sounds like you, then I say give it a shot for free below…

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