Does Adult Dating Work?

Since I started The Adult Journal, I’ve been getting asked by a lot of guys “Why haven’t I met any girl on adult dating sites? Is it all a adult dating just big scam?” Unfortunately, many of the sites that I’ve seen popping up over the last few years are total scams. Also, it seems that the bigger, more reputable sites are using spammy-er tactics while their female members keep declining. I have a friend in the industry who has recently written off hookup sites all together and you can read his insights at I find myself agreeing with most of what he says.

I, unlike him, am still an optimist. I hold that adult dating can work if you know what you’re doing and set the right expectations. There are legitimate grievances to be had with sites like justhookup, but the big sites do generally have some women. It can be hard to get through to them and sift through who is real and who is a bot or prostitute but it can be done.

Learning how to use adult dating sites can take a while, and after you’ve mastered the skill, it’s hard not to look back and say “why didn’t I just apply all of this I’ve learned to an app like Tinder?” It’s a question I would ask myself, anyways. The answer I come up with is that I don’t ever have to worry about meeting girls looking for more. I don’t end up wasting any time. I will admit that if you are a smooth playa’ type, then maybe you can seduce some women on PlentyOfFish into more casual relationships.

So, yeah the industry of adult dating has taken a downturn and you have to know what you’re doing but I’m still a believer. If you are willing to give it a shot then read up on how to setup a profile, learn which sites to use and be smart.

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