Discreet Affairs at the Office

Ever wonder if your “work wife” or “work husband” wants to take the “work” out of the relationship? Well, for many that happens and for some it’s taboo because they’re already married. If you’re debating whether or not to have an affair at the office, you need to make that decision and stick to it. Once you’ve done it, there is no going back. There are websites out there like MarriedSecrets which will let you test the field a little bit and give you a sense of how you’ll feel about cheating if you’ve never done it before. For those of you that think you’re above cheating, that’s great. As for the rest of us, I’ve included a list of tips to make sure your office romance never gets discovered…

1. Make sure your fling knows you’re married

If she doesn’t, you’re just leading her on and setting you up for a horrible and awkward scene at the next company event. This should go without saying, but you’d be surprised how often this mistake occurs.

2. Make sure your fling and your wife don’t know each other

Look on Facebook, make sure they aren’t already friends and that they don’t have any mutual friends. If you come from a small town, you need to make sure they didn’t go to the same high school or have any reason to ever come into contact. If there’s even a chance they know each other, back off. This will not work.

3. Understand the personality of your fling

Know whether or not she’s crazy. After a little conversation, you should be able to judge this. If she seems too good to be true, she is. Remember women will lure you before they reveal true intentions. You want a cold hearted, career oriented beeotch, not a clingy stalker.

4. Everyone else can assume, but make sure no one at work actually knows

If your secret relationship is a hot rumor around the office, that’s okay. Rumors just can’t be confirmed. Try to avoid the rumors in the first place by keeping the flirting outside the office, but sometimes it’s impossible to stop the rumor machine.

5. Realize why you’re doing this

Realize that this could end your marriage and that your obviously missing something from your current situation. Know that you could get caught and don’t do things to increase those odds because it gets you excited.

Read a fun story that happened to a friend of ours at MustHookup if you want a little extra excitement in your life. Sometimes a good story is better than the real thing because it gets you in less trouble 🙂

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