Casual Encounter Apps – Which are best?

Since adult dating exploded onto the scene a few short years ago, people have been looking for sites that will get them laid sooner and sooner. The problem is often that there aren’t enough members on a site, it’s hard to navigate or signing up for a membership seems too daring. Most will try the big sites like Ashley Madison or AFF and then after signing up, not know where to go or what to do. These sites often offer more than one service and it’s hard to decipher between what’s real and fake.

Now that mobile has started to take over, there has been a natural desire for casual encounter apps. There are only a few actual apps in existence due to the constraints of marketing an app through apple (ie: Bang with Friends), but the good news is that many adult dating sites are now mobile optimized. While they might not technically be “apps”, they are easy to use on your phone and have a great mass appeal. Unlike the desktop sites, mobile sites have a specific goal and tend to be much more successful than their desktop counterparts. With the mobile versions people are concentrated solely on finding the closest members via a map to hookup with. The other added advantage is accessibility. When you are out at the bar at 1am, you can simply hop on your phone and find other singles (sometimes couples) within walking distance that are looking for sex as soon as possible. Often times you can meetup at a bar and the whole situation is much more natural than sitting at your house cruising profiles.

So, using mobile for casual encounters is a smart idea, but which apps/sites are the best?

1. – Hookup Insider is actually a review site that adjusts for mobile. If you’re on you’re phone or tablet, check out the link and you’ll see their highest ranked mobile sites. If you’re on a desktop, you will see adult dating rankings specifically for desktop users. They are constantly updating their lists and will tell you why a certain site is better than another.

2. – As a younger site that attracts a younger audience, it’s been geared for mobile all along. This is my favorite when I’m out and looking to find someone to share a nightcap with.

3. Grindr – This is the gay app. If you are gay or bi, then don’t waste another second… get this app now, you’ll thank me later.

4. Tinder – While it’s not marketed as a “hookup” app, it might as well be. It isn’t as blatant as Grindr, but it’s addicting and fun. It works by “hearting” profiles that are fed to you of people in your area. As soon as someone you have hearted, also clicks on the heart when they see your profile you have a match. The reason this site is more of a casual affair than say is because you don’t read through profiles, you look at pictures. You decide if that person is hot enough to have sex with and try to make a connection. There is a small section that describes info about each person, but trust me when I say no one reads it.

As more and more of the adult dating world goes mobile, there will be more mobile sites and apps to review. Let me know of your experiences in the comments section.

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