Can I get laid tonight? Honestly.

It’s a question for the ages. Any guy who has sat at home with tightening pants has wondered, “where can I find a girl that just wants to have sex?”

There are always a few solutions for your chubby. Most of us guys can drop our trousers and rub one out within minutes of seeing a naked girl online. Now with the advent of free online video porn, life is pretty easy. Sometimes it gets too easy and you want more.

If you really want to find a fling immediately, then it’s going to take some work. I’ve compiled a list of 3 ways to get laid tonight and none of them involve prostitution.

3. Craigslist Casual Encounters – This is the easiest way to go about finding a girl in your city that’s DTF. Be careful of spammers and scammers here because they run rampant. The trick is to look at all the profiles one by one. You’ll usually see the methods your local spammers are using pretty clearly. For instance, if you open 5 postings in a row with 3 lines of text, 3 sentences each, and they all feel similar then they are fake. Trust your gut and also remember the type of girl that would post on this site is not the same type of girl you’d take home to momma. There are a lot of sex profiles in your area, you just need to look.

2. Adult Dating Sites – Sites like AdultFriendFinder and Fling are built to solve your problem. While they aren’t free, they usually do offer a trial. During that trial, you can usually contact members and possibly hookup.  Don’t hold your breath for some of the lesser known sites. I write a lot about adult dating on the site and I can tell you… your best bet is to stay with the larger, more established sites.

1. Free “Regular Dating” Sites – The best two options for getting laid tonight are PlentyofFish and OKCupid. These sites do have some people on there looking meet their soulmate, but there are tons of girls on these sites “looking for a good time.” If a girl create a casual sounding profile, that usually means she’s looking for a bad boy to come sweep her off her feet.(for a night) The method here will take some tweaking if you’re new to this, but remember to be flirtatious. Don’t write your life story in your first email. Don’t make it sound like you’re looking for a new friend. Be a man and meet her for some drinks. You can have 1-2 drinks at a meeting, if you can get the beerski’s flowing then you’ll have much better luck. Just be safe.



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