Adultery, remember when the word was actually used? It was a term associated with sin and punishable by divorce. Now it’s seen as a symptom in a bad relationship and is looked at more like alcoholism than cheating. With the recent popularity of shows like Californication, we see an increase in the acceptance of adultery. Not only is accepted more often as “something that WILL happen over the course of time”, it is seen as an involuntary act. It’s like there is no accountability anymore. I digress. Adultery isn’t even the term used anymore. We say things like “unfaithful” or “strayed away” to describe the adulterer.

Obviously we are not entirely against adultery as we promote sites on our webpages like and that are pretty blatant in their advertising about their attracting married men to their sites. The purpose of this editorial is as a reminder. Cheating is bad. Adultery is still adultery. While we offer you choices and honest reviews, please don’t look at this site as your reason or as an excuse to be adulterous.

While we will always try to promote sexual exploration online and otherwise to single people and groups, we understand that many of the users on this site are looking to “stray” from their own relationship. We ask that you at least stop and take a look at what you’re doing. If it’s decided that this is still the best course of action for your own circumstance, then so be it. It’s your world, we’re just passing through it. As long as you don’t blame us for your infidelities, then we encourage you to continue using our site as a resources that will guide you through the often times treacherous world of online adult dating.

If you are still interested in seeing the best sites for adultery, then check out our Rankings Page here.

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