Adult Dating in Seattle

Seattle’s a beautiful city known for it’s gorgeous skyline (probably the most recognizable skyline in the US), the home of coffee (as we know it), and of course… grunge. The rain doesn’t keep many away, but it does attract a different and often times eccentric kind of person. Artists and hipsters flock to Seattle every year to get the sunshine out of their lives and be seen in a place where the weather matches their inner soul. So you’ve made it to the west coast pursuing a career in art, now what?

Well, you don’t want to be lonely but you also can’t afford a relationship right now because you are career focused. You’ve browsed the scene at Neptune Coffee and even had a few at Bathtub Gin to hopefully stir up a fling. If you haven’t had luck, you may want to try a different approach and look for some local talent the new fashioned way… online.

Seattle’s a great town and has a lot to offer. I suggest getting online and trying one of the sites we ranked here to find some open minded individuals that are looking for something more platonic. Then you can meetup at How to Cook a Wolf for some great Italian food before a wild night of Seattle fun.

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