4 Ways to Upgrade Your Dating Profile

Whether you’re trying to find a one night stand on Adultfriendfinder, a long term relationship on Match.com, or you’re into something kinky like Hornymatches.com, you need to know how to setup your profile. While there are some intricate differences between an adult dating profile and a “standard” dating profile, there are some rules you need to follow. This is written for guys who are looking for girls. The truth is that any other subset of the dating population has an easier getting attention than a guy looking for a girl. You are competing with literally millions of potential suitors that might be better looking, have more money, are more intelligent, and maybe even have a 12 inch hot dog. It’s easy to get caught up in what those guys have and you don’t, but the great part about online dating is that most guys don’t know how to market themselves even if they have all of those things. It’s very easy to come off as a jerk on these sites even if you’re a great guy in real life, so here are some rules that will keep you ahead of the competition.

1. Have a Good Profile Pic – This one should go without saying, but 95% of guys do not know how to put up a profile pic (or supporting pics for that matter). You can read more about the specifics of a good profile pic here, but what important is that you’re not showboating/peacocking, have a clear headshot, and for god sake… no girls in the pictures with you.

2. Be Interesting, Not Crazy – Just like it’s sexy when shows just enough but leaves some to the imagination, it’s the same thing for your profile. Sure a girl wants to see that you are adventurous, ambitious, and intelligent but don’t shove that in her face. You want to come off entirely normal with a hint of mystery or intrigue. Too much mystery, intrigue (or worse yet, bragging) will land you in her “he seems like a douchebag list.” Knowing just the right amount of intrigue will depend on your personality. This will take some experimentation, but just remember “interesting, not crazy.”

3. Be Yourself – We’ve heard this since we were kids and it’s a worn out line. I get it. The reason it’s worn out is because it’s true. You need to portray the real you or at least the real person you are trying to be. Don’t just say in your profile “this is who I am”, say “this is what I’m doing and where I’m heading.”

4. Know What You Want And Don’t Be Afraid To Say It – This can be site specific, so this advice must be treated delicately. If you are on an adult dating site looking to hookup, don’t be afraid to mention what you are into. Women like a man that can take charge, and the first step to taking charge is knowing what you want. If on the other hand, you’re on a site like OKCupid or Match.com then you need to be a little more coy about your intentions BUT there’s a trick. Don’t say things like “looking for something casual” or “looking to see where things go” on these more traditional dating sites. You need to explain what you want in a more subtle manner. Describe your perfect date from start to finish, or what some of your turn-ons are(keep it PG-13 or below). This still says you know what you want without coming off as a guy just looking to get laid, but remember we’re all just guys looking to get laid.

Overall, stick to these basic four rules and keep refining. Don’t be afraid to keep updating and changing until you start to see success. Just remember that it’s really all a numbers game so once you’ve got a profile you’re confident in, you should still be sending out 10-15 messages just to expect 1 or 2 back. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.






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