Meeting Women On Adult Friend Finder

The internet is chalk full of dating sites. Tinder, Grindr, Match, OKCupid, the list is almost endless. In the long list of sites, somewhere near the murky end, is Adult Friend Finder. Adult Friend Finder is not your standard dating website. It isn’t filled with a myriad of different people looking for conventional love. It’s filled with mature men and women looking for a fix to a seemingly understandable problem: lack of sex.  As crass as that sounds the website is mainly known for its ability to do this. Which isn’t very surprising since a variety of their advertisements are on porn sites and lude magazines.  If you are interested in finding women on this site then you are a certain kind of guy or gal, which isn’t a bad thing, but it is very much worth mentioning.

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Adult Dating vs. Typical Dating Sites

When looking to meet women on Adult Friend Finder the first thing you need to realize is that the site doesn’t have as many ready available women compared to other sites. Adult Friend Finder caters to certain kinds of women that most other sites don’t. That means you’ll find webcam girls, actual prostitutes, and those with fetishes. Two of those three are problematic if not illegal. Obviously the third kind of woman is the one that you are looking for, as she is the least likely to charge you any money. This is a point of importance when using AFF: don’t give away any private information that can be used to steal your money. A credit card number, a mother’s maiden name, anything personal is dangerous to share anywhere, but especially this site.

Fetish Desires

The women you will want on Adult Friend Finder are those with a fetish. A fetish isn’t a bad thing. It’s simply a desire that you can easily categorize. We all have preferences when it comes to sex, but those with preferences outside of the norm are labeled as fetishists. Again this isn’t a bad thing, it’s simply the way some like things.

Common fetishes on AFF are: domination, role play, piss play, swinging, interracial, and even gender swapping (where the woman wears a strap on penis and sodomizes a man as if he were a woman.) These women aren’t well within the mainstream, so they come to AFF, if you are interested in meeting them then you’ll need to do some work at attracting them.


When creating your profile include features and descriptions of yourself that are accurate and desirable. Your picture should be a real interpretation of you, but what is really important is the description. Women that are looking for a specific something will look at your written descriptions in hopes of finding someone that they want. The words you use should be tantalizing. In order to make this you simply need to write, edit, and rewrite when creating your description. The perfect description exists within a slim spectrum. Don’t be aggressive, but don’t be shy either. In time you will understand what works and what doesn’t.

The Secret To Meeting Women On AFF… (read carefully)

When you using AFF, it’s all about the chat rooms. The chatrooms are how you reach likeminded women that you want to meet. But be warned, the chatrooms also have chatroom girls, and proactive prostitutes. As long as you keep all personal information private they shouldn’t be a problem. To use the chatrooms effectively you are going to need to be open minded. AFF can be a tool for meeting dynamic and different women. Open your horizons, don’t try to be something the women on AFF want, BE the thing that they desire as well as yourself. That way you’ll always be sure to find the perfect match.

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