MyHotBook – Is really worth the money?

Every so often, I get asked about a new adult dating site and whether or not it’s the “next big thing”, a scam/spam site, or just another “run of the mill” re-branded site. The interesting thing about Myhotbook is that it’s actually been around a while. After doing a little research, I’ve found that it even gets a fair number of visitors every day. I haven’t written up a formal review of the site yet, but that is coming. I just wanted to get this out there for anyone who is wondering about it’s credibility.

What I can tell you so far is that it’s the real deal. It isn’t a scam or spam site, but it’s main page layout looks a little suspicious. It looks a lot like some of the other re-branded adult dating sites that keep popping up. It seems that a lot of the larger adult dating sites are testing the waters with newly branded sites they are trying to promote. This works well if you are looking for a specific niche of people but there are still only 2 or 3 major databases of members online spread across hundreds (if not thousands) of different sites. This isn’t as bad as it sounds since a lot of people don’t want to navigate through thousands of profiles to find one they might be interested in. It helps you to stay within groups of people you are actually interested in. In that way, MyHotBook is no different.

My recommendation for Myhotbook is to try out the free trial to see if you like it, or if you are just looking for the best adult dating sites to try out, then check out our review site at The Adult Journal Adult Dating Rankings

Be sure to check back soon for a full review of MyHotBook as well as my experience with the site. I expect to pay for the membership once my trial is up in about a month.


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  • Abdullah November 16, 2012, 6:21 pm

    It’s such a big topic. Some of the pay-for sites are the best because it relaly ensures that only “serious” people are listed online. These have been recommended in a number of places: 1. America’s Internet Dating 2. 3. American Singles 4. eHarmony 5. 6. 7. 8. Great Expectations 9. 10. Yahoo! PersonalsI don’t relaly like though, I tried it once and I had to fill out a 460 question-thing befoer I started. It took me like 40 minutes and then I only giot contactewd by jerks who lived miles away.Start slowly. Have a look over the main sites and see what you think.Oh yeah, you should also read all over their tips about online safety and so on.Best of luck girl.xoxo

  • JohnnyGoGetter April 23, 2013, 7:35 pm was not for me. It seemed like most the chicks were fake. I don’t think I got ripped off or anything but I probably wouldn’t tell people about it. Just my 2 cents.


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