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As everyone knows from my previous posts about, I’m not a huge fan of these small sites that lure you in with hot women then show you nothing but models and fake profiles. The last time I did a review on hislut, that’s what I saw. Now, just a few days ago I decided to follow up on what’s going on there. As it turns out, everything has changed. There is no longer any attempt at branding and they are using a simple redirect to another adult dating site. That site it Since is no longer really a site, I have decided to share my experiences as I went in with an unbiased approach as a regular guy looking to get laid online.

So, the site starts out with the picture of a topless milf and questionnaire. It asks about you feel about seeing women you might know, whether you have any STD’s, your age, and what you’re looking for. It’s probably not a big surprise to you that it does not matter (at all) what your answers are. Everyone is “approved” to join. It’s almost hilarious to go back and answer everything incorrectly and see just how ridiculous the whole thing is. So, once you’ve been approved you get directed to adulthookup. Now remember, this all began by simply typing in HISLUT.COM into the browser.

Once you get to adulthookup, there are more questions to be answered. Are you a man/woman/couple, what are you looking for, where are you located, etc. Every time you go to the next level, Jesse Jane is there to take off another piece of clothing so that’s not too bad. 🙂 The finally you enter your email address and you’re off to the races. Of course, to verify the email they highlight the point that you’ll need to check you spam folder and you have to agree to get emails from a 3rd party.

When I activated my account, the first thing they did was try to upsell me on a paid subscription. As of this writing, they had 6 options. 3 “Gold” memberships and 3 “Silver” memberships.

The pricing for Gold was:

  1. 12 months at $12.50/mo (special deal)
  2. 3 months at $23.32/mo (special deal)
  3. 1 month at $34.95

The pricing for Silver was:

  1. 3 months at $19.98/mo
  2. 1 month for $29.95
  3. 3 Day Trial at $1.95

Once online, I started looking up profiles. The site is smart for having a “site activity” pop up on the left as opposed to tons of fake IMs like a lot other bad adult dating sites do. You can tell within a few minutes of swiping through profiles who is real and who isn’t. The problem for sites like this isn’t that all the girls are fake, it’s that all of the hot girls are fake. You literally have to assume every good looking girl on the site is not a real profile. If you can come to terms with this simple fact, then yeah (aka can help you get laid.

I tried to pull it together and message one of the less attractive girls that seemed legit, but they were so unattractive I couldn’t pull the trigger. I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but some of the women on there looked smelly. They looked like they don’t take any care of themselves and are just waiting around for a smelly dick. It wasn’t for me and probably not where you want to spend your $12.95/mo.

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