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Justhookup.com is at the center of a lot of controversy these days. It’s an interesting phenomenon because I’ve never seen such a popular adult dating site get such bad reviews. I wrote a justhookup.com review last year but after hearing about it almost every day via emails and blog posts, I thought I should revisit the site and give a more detailed view. People want to know whether or not Justhookup is a scam or not. Hopefully the review below helps to paint a clear picture…                                                                                                                                Adult Dating Sites Ranked


It started out like a lot of adult dating sites and gives the appearance of an “adult-oriented” fling site. The idea is that you can sign up for a services like this and hope to either find someone online that you can share fantasies otherwise a lot of people hope to actually meet the person on the other end. With sites like Grindr and AdultFriendFinder having such success, many people think they’re going to log on and find a sexy single in their neighborhood. The reality is that it just isn’t that easy. It isn’t even easy with the more reputable sites but from what I’ve been reading from former members, they are the worst of them all. Justhookup.com is a fraud and if there were an “adult dating complaints board”, they would be on the top of the offenders list. Take a look at a couple email snippets I received about the site below. I’ve kept everything confidential to protect user privacy…

“I got scammed and I was ripped off by justhookup because they don’t use real people and you need to make sure people are beware!”

“It’s a complete fraud. Can you make a new post to deter people from user the site?”

“Justhookup and everyone associated with making the site makes me sick. I know it’s adult dating so there’s a risk involved but they really scammed me”

In fact, I have not seen one positive review of the site, so I decided to take a closer look and actually got a membership. I wanted to give them a chance before releasing a scathing review of their site.

Just to preface this review, I should mention that many of the adult dating sites you see online are not what they say they are. There are the big ones like Fling, AdultFriendFinder, and SexSearch which have all had their fair share of controversy but over the last few years have all become reputable places to find a real hookup. There are also sites like Fuckbook Hookups and Social Sex which are fairly new but are really coming into their own as great adult dating sites. I mention this because most of (not all) of the new adult dating sites you see popping up are not true sites started by someone from scratch. They are cleverly branded sites that use the bigger sites infrastructure with a new design. If you shop around a bit before signing up for one of these sites, you’ll start to see some interesting similarities between many of them. That said, there’s a big difference between a branded site and a scam. That’s what we’re trying to determine here…

First The Pros:

Hot Girls

Now, The Cons:

Just when you want to leave, they give you a pop up. I don’t know about you, but I HATE THAT!

The hot girls I mentioned before are ALL FAKE. I don’t think there is a single real girl on the site(although I’m sure there are a lot of real disappointed guys). When you see that little VC symbol on a girl’s profile, you can guarantee she’s fake. She’s a robot. Watch out!

Like many other adult dating sites, it’s a free membership… BUT they will automatically charge you for the $50/mo membership if you don’t cancel before your trial ends. If you still decide to sign up for a free membership despite my review, remember to cancel before they charge you because I’ve heard horror stories of people trying to get their money back.

Overall, the site might have some appeal to people who are just looking for hot girls that seem interested in them. It’s kind of like going to the strip club, the only difference is that these girls aren’t real. You’re better off going to a real strip club or spending you money on another adult dating site. I don’t recommend this site and I don’t even give it a single star because it’s so bad. If you read a good review of the site, it’s because that site is getting paid to say so. If you are in the market for a reputable adult dating site, take a look at our at a few different options like the ones we recommend…



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