JustHookUp.com Review

Our Review of Justhookup.com
There is a reason we don’t include justhookup.com link on our site and never will. It’s not a true scam, but you definitely will be disappointed. With most of the sites we review, we go through a specific process. One of our writers or researchers signs up for the site and we look for things like data on members and member quality, accessibility, ease of use, length of trial membership, and cost per month. In this case, we did not even sign up after getting 14 different emails about justhookup being a scam. In fairness to the folks at justhookup, this is all hearsay but we have never received so many negative reviews about a site that don’t even have a million members. I’ve includes a few of the emails here:

Barry from San Diego:
“Just Hook Up scams people. I’ve been in the adult dating world for a while now. I like to video chat and meet interesting girls online. I wanted to write you guys since I hear you do a lot of reviews about adult dating sites to let you know they do NOT have a quality site. It looks pretty legit at first, but the only girls I’ve seen on it look like prostitutes. I hope you will let others know so they don’t end up paying for it. Thanks, Barry”

Tracy from Philadelphia:
“I got sucked into it. I thought it was going to be like another adult friendfinder kind of site, but it wasn’t. Not a site a girl feels welcome on. Looking at the guys, they just don’t know how to market or something because they were all gross.”

Stephan from Belleview:
“I hope you guys write an article about some of the crappy adult dating sites. I’ve spent money on some of these sites like justhookup.com and been really disappointed. Without a trial period, I was a little hesitant to hand over my credit card info, but I had a few drinks and thought what the heck, why not? The problem is girls. You can tell that these are not real women on the other end. Actually there are a few real women, but they are not high quality. At least with the other sites I know what I’m getting. Save your dollars and go to a site that offers a free trial.”

Overall, it wasn’t hard finding a lot of negative reviews. While we can’t say that we have even signed up, we can say that other people have been pretty upset about their membership. If you want to see a better site to try, take a look at our rankings…


Follow up on Justhookup.com (6-13-12)

Since we first posted this article, I’ve received a ton of negative feedback on just hookup. If you are looking for a fun site that will give you what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with any of the options listed here. As for now, you should consider where you found the site in the first place an disregard them as a source for finding good content. In fact if anyone remembers what first directed their attention to justhookup.com, send me a line below so I can help others to avoid this scam. Cheers

Last Update on Justhookup.com… (5-13-13)

Since we first released this review of JustHookup, we’ve heard a lot of feedback and so we’ve included a new page which talks further about the JustHookup Scam so you can read into it further.







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  • Mike D October 23, 2011, 3:11 am

    This site(justhookup.com) sucks, everything is fake the girls talk about spending time with their”mates”, and going on holiday, obviously not american or local, … Don’t waste your time or money

  • Alan October 25, 2011, 5:31 pm

    I have to agree to all the above comments. I really do think the site is a rip-off and from my experiences comes very close to being a con but only time (the length of my subscription) will tell.

    When I first joined as a ‘free member’ I was ‘hit’ with a barrage of encouraging views and one-line emails so I gave in and subscribed so I could answer the emails. Funny thing because I’ve not yet had a reply to any of my polite replies. I began to notice the short text of the emails was following a pattern. All of the emails ‘loved’ my photo and there were variations of ‘you’re just what I’m looking for but you don’t have many details’. Odd that as my profile is completely filled in, and besides, if they didn’t see any details of me how come I was ‘just what they were looking for’? My profile declared I’m a 58yrs guy looking for a woman over 35yrs so it’s interesting to see all these 20 to 25yr girls emailing me. When I check their profile, scant at least, they are all looking for guys in their own age range which is not unreasonable. I can’t believe there are so many young women living within 5Km of me who want to date a much older guy.

    I was now thinking this is a scam so I asked a female neighbour if she would set up a profile to see what happened. Guess what? She got ‘hit’ by exactly the same young 20 to 25yrs girls who were supposed to be looking for a guy of their own age! I had no idea there were so many bi-sexual girls living within 5Km of me!!

    I managed to find some members nearer my own age whom I emailed, always finishing with ‘Please email back, if only to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’. Not a single reply in over a month. Are there really that many rude people out there?

    Guys, (and girls probably) don’t give them your money, have a look at the recommended contact site listed on this site.


    • Krystallynn November 8, 2011, 5:08 pm

      My hat is off to your asutte command over this topic-bravo!

  • Darrell November 6, 2011, 12:10 am

    I also saw a similar review for justhookup.com and thought things looked weird. Glad people are talking about this.

  • Ellie November 8, 2011, 7:35 am

    Please keep thrwoing these posts up they help tons.

  • prussian November 13, 2011, 2:28 am

    we all got sucked into this falls dating side tell other people about it so the will not make the same mistake.do not use JUSTHOOKUP.com


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