Hislut.com or Justhookup?

Hislut.com and Justhookup.com have a lot in common and it’s important to know what’s going on if you’re looking to get laid from either one of these sites. In fact, understanding the relationship between Hislut and Justhookup will tell you a lot about the adult dating industry and how it works.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of this review, let me first explain that theadultjournal is not affiliated with either site and doesn’t have anything against Hislut.com but we do think you should know the marketing tactics used before spending the money in your pocket.

If you’ve ever been to a free porn site, you’ve seen most of the porn videos are promoting a website. If you’ve ever gone to one of these sites, most likely you’re asked to pay for something and that’s probably expected.  There’s something unique going on with Hislut.

The Truth:

Hislut is just a survey. They ask you about your age, whether you’re willing to wear a condom, if you have an STD, and then see if you “quality” to meet with women on the site. It’s probably not a big surprise that everyone qualifies.

What you “qualify” for is the justhookup.com signup page. You could simply go to Justhookup and get to the page and skip a few steps.

So why do they do this?

The world of adult dating is filled with new sites popping up every day. In general, people are looking try new sites more often than trying the same site over and over again. Because of this, they market these “new sites” like hislut.com and redirect people to the main site (justhookup).

Now, just because this may seem like a shady way to get visitors to a site doesn’t mean the end product is bad. I recent wrote up a review of justhookup mobile and found it to be really helpful in getting me laid. What happens sometimes is that when a site originally launches it isn’t very good and the webmasters go through a learning curve. You can see by my initial review I was less than impressed with their first version of the site.

The problem for the webmasters is after they’ve done all of this hard work updating the site to something valuable, the website name has already been tarnished by upset customers and bad reviews. Typically websites have combated this with a simple name change, but in this example they have changed the name of the site marketed but still end up sending you to their updated adult dating site.

On one hand, I know how people can feel a little deceived, but on the other hand… if you had tried justhookup.com a year ago and been disappointed, would you have even thought to try it again if it weren’t for hislut.com? I’ll let you make that judgment, but I understand both sides of the argument.

The purpose of writing this article was simply to get the information out there because I’ve been asked about this a few times now and people aren’t quite sure if they should trust any of these sites anymore. Hopefully this helps to clear things up and doesn’t taint anyone’s perception of adult dating in general.

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