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Friendfinder X may sound a bit familiar to you. Perhaps you remember a little site called Adult Friend Finder?

From what we can gather, it looks indeed like Friendfinder X is owned by the same organization. It looks like a revamp with refreshed graphics and content. It’s like AFF was taken from 2008 and updated for 2018.


While these are all good signs, there still isn’t a whole lot to be excited about here. In anticipation of this write up on, I sent out a tweet asking people to tell me about their experiences with Friendfinder X. Here is what I received:


“I met a chick on FFX that turned out to be a cam model. No bueno”

“Total scam, scammed my buddy out of some cash and he still can’t cancel his membership”

“Do people still try to get laid on these sites? Everyone knows they use fake women”

“I admit it, I tried it. I was drunk and horny. It didn’t work but was kinda fun”


Despite these negative reviews, I still wanted to do my due diligence and and give them a fair shake.

Intro Page

It starts out legit looking enough. There’s a cute girl biting her lip. It says “Where good girls do bad things” and that was pretty sexy.

I started the free trial process, and found they ask you a questionnaire while cycling through videos of cam girls on the side of the screen. It starts out totally clothed, but with each step you take, you get girls that are showing more and more.

They ask questions about your gender, race, what you’re into, and finally ask for a username, password, and email. Then they say you can get a free trial.

As I signed up for my free trial…

I noticed I was getting messages within minutes. I thought this was weird because why would hot girls be sitting around waiting to find a guy like me?

I think this is how sites like this get guys. We want to believe there are sluts or nymphomaniacs in our neighborhood, or that most girls are just as horny as us but don’t want to be recognized. This is all a fallacy, perpetuated by porn with girls acting whorish all the time. In reality, most women aren’t thinking about sex a hundred times a day, and do care about who they’re sleeping with. Yes, there are slutty girls out there too but they don’t need sites like Friendfinder X for sex, they can ask any guy at the bar for it.

So, after I get logged in and start getting messages, it’s obvious these are fake profiles. A reverse image search reveals this is indeed the case.

The site boasts to have over 82 million active members! 82 million!?!?!?! That’s 50 percent of the female population of America. I don’t where they came up with this number, but it is outrageous. 82 is probably more like it.

After I poked around and only saw cam models, fat chicks, and obviously fake profiles, I logged out hoping to be done with the site altogether. I went to find Free Sex Tonight and thought I was through with them. Turns out…

This was just the beginning of their marketing.

Since I had to enter my email into the site to get access, I started getting emails from “women wanting to meet” which I started opening.

Once you open one, they must have an algorithm to start sending you more. It was like the Ancient Greek Hydra myth or the 3-headed snake. Every time you cut off one head, 2 more appear. It was the same thing with these emails. Every time I opened one, more and more would appear.

On one hand, it felt like clever marketing but on the other hand I felt really bad for the guys that fall for this. You have to know this is all a big rouse to get you to pay $40 a month for a membership. Before you do, I hope you had a chance to read this.

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