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Camzap is a random video stranger chat site that allows users to engage in conversation. It offers a wide variety of services for its users including text-only chatting, video roulette chatting and group webcam chat rooms.  Camzap is a popular site that uses a roulette style to pair random strangers from various parts of the world. Roulette sites like this started as text-only, but now most roulette sites have a video chatting option as well. The beauty of a website like this is that it allows users to leave at any point of the conversation and start a new one with a different user.

Meet strangers from various parts of the world!

A roulette style chat website is a very good way to find friends from various parts of the world. Imagine talking to someone in Asia first, then Africa next. You don’t have to commit to anything because you can just leave a conversation whenever you feel bored. Imagine all the people you could meet in a day. Who knows – there is always the possibility that you’ll meet someone special online.

For those who are shy and quiet around people during parties, Camzap is a good way to practice your interaction skills. You can engage in a conversation without really feeling uncomfortable. All you have to do is find someone interesting, and you can find friends minus the pressure of social interaction. It is a convenient way to widen your social circle. Imagine having friends from various parts of the world.

The use of sites like this could be potentially dangerous as there are users who could be abusive. However, it remains to be a good way to meet new people and meet new friends. It could even be a good way for you to meet a lifetime partner. Not everyone on chat websites are looking for cheap thrills and if you try to engage in quality conversations, then you might find it fun and entertaining.

Remember that this website might contain things that are not appropriate for young users. For those who are younger than twenty-one, parental supervision is advised for safety. Even adults are advised to exercise caution in many cases. It is always best to error on the side of safety when using a website like this.

Getting Started

It is a free website, and users have the options to add people they like as friends. You can easily start a conversation by zapping people. Before you get started, here are some tips to ensure that you will have a fun and enjoyable experience…

Here are a few reminders for your own safety:

  1. Try to keep everything anonymous. Avoid giving out information that will compromise your security and safety. Do not trust anyone too easily
  2. Remember that whatever you do on the webcam can be seen by the person on the other end of the roulette. Do not do anything illegal or abusive to avoid any sort of trouble.
  3. This service is free! You are not supposed to be charged for anything, so don’t get involved in anything that asks for payment.

Here’s how to start your Camzap session:

  1. Prepare your internet connection. Make sure you have a webcam to avoid problems.
  2. Go to and click the start button to join the chat rooms.
  3. Make sure to allow the site to access your camera.
  4. You will now be connected to a random stranger. Start your conversation,
  5. If at any point you feel like leaving, you can. You will be connected to a new user on the roulette as soon as you leave.


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