DateHookUp Review is an interesting site because if you’ve been there, you would never suspect it’s one of the most prominent up and coming sites in the adult dating genre. Partially due to its craigslist style, and partially because of its pg-13 feel, it has become a big fan favorite. At The Adult Journal, we decided to take a closer look. We found out some info about that you might be interested in.

ThePros: Well, to start, datehookup is free! That’s right, you can go to and sign up for a totally free membership right now. Unfortunately that’s about where the good part ends. There is one more thing, you can chat with other members for free too, which for some is great but others may find it overwhelming.

The Cons: It’s free. Obviously free is good in a lot of ways and it’s something you should try, but it shouldn’t be considered a serious adult dating site. You aren’t going to find that no one is in a hurry to get kinky. If you’ve read up on our site, you know that we generally review adult related dating sites. Part of the message we hope to convey is that datehookup is NOT an adult site like xxxbook, justhookup, or some of the others with similar names. It will probably end up wasting your time. You will spend a while giving them all your info and then be nothing but disappointed.

My Personal Experience: To give you an example of their incompetence, they sent me to a page that allowed members to sign in or new members to sign up. When trying to sign up, I filled out all of my info and it didn’t work. I clicked sign up again with all of my info still there and got nothing. I had to go to another new member page where they told me to ‘fill out your info and you will be allowed to enter’ but there was just more questions. is very disorganized and unprofessional. You can’t have any nudity or even anything fun on your profile pic and the girls (in my case), so if you’re looking for adult dating, take a look at our Adult Dating Rankings to find the best place for you. Personally, I would suggest taking a look at couple of our other reviews if you want to find something off the beaten path…

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