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The newest Adult Dating frenzy comes from a familiar source, our friends at AFF. Book Of Sex is an attempt at focusing on a younger crowd (21-30) with the appeal of Social Networking. They do a good job. They boast about having 39.5 million members (as of 10-18-11), but that number encompasses all AFF memberships so we’re not so sure that should be taken into consideration while deciding which Adult Dating program you want to sign up for.

BookofSex puts the adult in adult dating sites, so if you are weary of a site that shows more than it teases, this may not be the site for you. If you are like most guys, that isn’t a problem but couples and women may be a little turned off by lack of discretion. It isn’t overly vulgar, but in the world of mainstream hookup sites, it’s more on the side of “steamy hot” than “kind of cute.”

They have a lot of member which is obviously a huge asset, but we can’t give you an exact count. We can say that will have members in your city that other sites will not. Over the last few months, they have aggressively pursued their own niche in the market. You will see them on a lot of the free sites and in a lot of paid advertising searches.  In fact, recently we’ve noticed a huge surge in traffic for BookofSex which isn’t a big surprise but it explains the recent popularity and success of the site.

Surely there are a lot of options in the field of adult dating, but hits on the 21-30 year old market better than the rest. Sure, stylistically they promote a social networking feel, but their costs aren’t too shabby either. They offer a free trial which is great for anyone who is looking to get something for nothing, but their full on membership is only $29 a month. Anything less than $50 per month is pretty good as long as it has enough members and offers enough quality features.

So basically, they offer a good service at a great price. They aren’t quite at the top of our list, but they’ve got a good start. It will just take getting a few more members a better online presence before BookofSex gets on one of our lists. Overall, we recommend to anyone younger than 35 and has less than $30 a month to spend. If on the other hand you are a little older and have a little extra money to spend, then go to one of the bigger sites so you’ll have a bigger selection. If you’re looking for another option, you can see our rankings…

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