Intrigued by the tempting title of BeNaughty’s website, and having occasional impulses that coincide with the implication of their provocative name, I decided to spend a few minutes (and possibly a few dollars) investigating the possibilities they might offer.

Very straightforward sign up. They get right down to it and present a simple form immediately for you to get underway on the first screen shown. As soon as you enter an email address, their system scoots out on the Internet to check if you’ve entered a valid email address. If it isn’t valid, you can go no further. I tried a couple of variations that differed only by a single digit, but they were not to be conned.

So I entered a real one

Once they are satisfied that you have entered a genuine email address, they send you an email with a validation code. You then have to switch back to your inbox, get the code, then return to the input screen to enter it. Seemed very simple, so I went to my Yahoo inbox and looked for the code. Nothing. Waited a bit, tried again. No code. Not exactly off to a flying start. Went back to the input screen and got this:

           Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your profile on BeNaughty!
Some profile- my age and sex preference of those I was seeking to connect with. Oh well, simple is good- most of the time.

However, creating my profile was of little value if I couldn’t ‘activate’ my account without that code, so I’m stuck- and BeNaughty was without another member. Discinclined to give up, though, I waited a few minutes more and tried again. Still nothing, so I was about to scratch this one off the list as not even qualifying as a usable website when you’re up for some hanky-panky.

Then, on a hunch, I went back to Yahoo and checked my spam folder. A-hah! The code was waiting there for me, so I copied it and headed back the the BeNaughty site. I entered my code and presto- I was activated and recognized as Olivia, who’s divorced and looking for adventure. I was then presented with a dozen or more members to examine for their adventure potential. This is one of the few sites I’ve encountered that let me get right in and make selections from the guys. Furthermore, they actually presented only those within my specified age range and a reasonable distance away- less than 25 miles. So far so good- I thought.

Unfortunately, the men were mostly without photos, which appeared to me as a self-defeating exercise in futility. Your first quick glance at anyone’s is going to be focused on the picture, of course. You rarely stop because your eye was caught by some bland stat referring to location. Of the first 25 listed, only 4 or 5 bothered to display any photos of themselves. And then, of the ones who did take the trouble to upload pictures (for approval by the webmaster, of course) it was obvious that they were not trying to impress anyone, let alone a woman looking for adventure. Most of them were middle-aged, paunchy guys, standing by cars or small fishing boats, closeups taken against a bright light source that obscured any detail in their faces. None seemed to won a hot rides or a yacht to pose by, altho one had a houseboat on pontoons that didn’t look too bad, except that I thought I detected a woman peeking out thru the curtains of one window. So I moved on.
I finally took asked for the profile details on a guy with decent hair, a lot of it being in his mustache, to see what he might have to offer. Now the way you do this is to pick on some feature- such as height – to get a value or clue of some sort. Then you get a display of several characteristics as well as height. If you have entered those on your own profile, the equivalent statistic is displayed for the person you’re considering. If you have not entered that stat, you won’t see the stat for the guy. However, it does open up a dialog box that will allow you to enter that data right then and there. Fair enough, so I obliged with my own statistics or appropriate data requested. Once I did that, the space on his profile was filled with the info that he had entered.
Unfortunately, when the data was “displayed,” 9 out of 10 times the results were mostly “not given.” In other words this fellow didn’t bother to tell you beans about himself. And so it went for the next one I tried. “Not given…not given…not given.” Very disheartening, as you can imagine. So, after two tries with the same results, I abandoned the BeNaughty site and moved on.

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