Adult Chatroulette

Something like an Adult Chatroulette should happen SOON. 

I’ve been asked about an Adult Chatroulette version quite a bit lately. I have some friends working on an adult chat website which should be up and ready over the next couple of months. By the time of you reading this, they may be up and running. In the meantime, people are looking for something like chatroulette that can be used to meet other online sex partners and do some adult dating.

In case you are not familiar with chatroulette, it has become really popular over the last few years. It’s a site you can go to to chat with random people about anything. It sounds so simple and it really is. You just go to the site, click start (or f2) and you are matched randomly with someone else to talk about whatever you desire. You go from person to person and eventually develop a contacts list. These people become your friends and I think just like any time you’re in a social setting, your contacts end up being the people you chat with most. There is a premium account available too which allows you to specify the gender and country of the people you are randomly selected with.

People are looking for an Adult Chatroulette and I’m not sure what the owners of did, but they just have some ads up. They don’t rank well in google searches and I think they may have been busted for spamming or something. I don’t know, but nonetheless they don’t offer what people are looking for. I think folks are excited about the idea of chatting with random people of the opposite sex where anything goes. A site that would have more of a PG-13 feel but could go to XXX in heartbeat if both parties decide to do so. It’s a little more like real life where you aren’t just being set up with webcam models, and unlike some of the adult dating sites where you can meet some real freaks. For now though, these are our best options. I’ve included our favorite webcam site that resembles (kind of) what an adult version of chat roulette would look like. You can check that out below…

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Update On AdultChatroulette (5-13-13)

Just as an update, there have not been any new developments in, but I’m still remaining hopeful. We will keep watching and I will create a post as soon as there is any news. Until then, keep reading The Adult Journal for the most up-to-date adult dating rankings and reviews

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