5 Reasons Justhookup Mobile is the Bees Knees

Even though I’ve written negatively about Justhookup.com in the past, I was just going through some emails and this guy was going off  on me because of my recent JustHookup Review that he did not agree with. After a little back and forth messaging, I realized this guy was talking about the mobile version of the site. I knew that sites can improve and I also have seen dating sites that are easier to navigate via their mobile platform than their desktop version. When I went to Justhookup Mobile, it was like I was seeing their site for the first time.

1. The new layout is easier to navigate. You can sit down and watch an episode of Seinfeld while signing up for an account and by the end of the episode have dates lined up. Too many dating sites offer too many options, so they simplified things and I think it’s one of the easiest membership style mobile sites I’ve ever worked with.

2. The girls are all real. One of my biggest complaints in the past was their use of bots. There were a ton of fake profiles to lure guys in and now it seems like the mobile version doesn’t use this technique.

3. The girls are hotter. I wish I could explain this one, but I can’t. My theory is that they’ve marketed the site to younger girls and since the girls are younger (for the most part), they are by default hotter. Honestly though, I’m not totally sure.

4. People are more willing to chat when they see you’re also on the mobile version. If you think about it for a second, it makes sense… Using a mobile device is a little more personal. It is a step closer to texting than chatting on you desktop. It also shows that you’re mobile and ready to move on a dime’s notice. In a sense, just being on your phone makes it seem like you’re more committed to actually meeting up so you’re more likely to get messages and responses.

5. It’s more convenient. The case could be made that any mobile site is more convenient because you can use your phone, but that’s not true. Too many mobile sites are either disorganized, unoptimized, or don’t offer enough information to be useful. You can use justhookup mobile anywhere without hassle.

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