Adult Dating Reviews

photo_40381_20110505Our Adult Dating Reviews are setup to help you avoid landmines in the world of online dating. Whether you are looking for a hookup online, someone to meet locally, or you’re into something even more promiscuous, we are not here it judge. Here at The Adult Journal we realize that your an adult and the people you connect with online are adults free to make their own choices. The catalyst between you and the other people you meet online is often a dating (or adult dating) website. We’re here to provide a check on the world of adult dating. It’s easy for sites like these to take advantage because generally people don’t like to go public about their experiences, so it’s hard to know who you can trust. Here we try to give you unbiased information and facilitate an atmosphere where you can share your experiences anonymously with other users. Our goal is give you as much information about any given site as we can so you can make a truly informed decision.

Now, for the fun part… Over the last 5 years the world of hooking up online has exploded. There are literally thousands of different sites and agencies out there with one goal in mind- getting you laid. To find a slut isn’t always an easy proposition (let’s face it, if it was there would not be a need for these sites to begin with). We’re here to help. Adult Dating sites have to find the right way to market to women as well as men, be truthful and upfront about their fees, and provide a quality membership experience that keeps you coming back for more. There are sites out there just looking to get your $30, $40, or $50 and provide you with nothing, but there are also sites out there that will help you to find weekly dates, hookup with no strings attached, and have a great time while doing it. We hope to help you on your journey!

Happy Hooking Up!

– The Adult Journal